559-303-A - Omni Dining Table With Acrylic Legs - Cluster Maple


W: 78 in D: 46 in H: 30.25 in

Product Details

Material Maple Solids, Cluster Maple Veneers, Acrylic
Distressing Level Very Light
Weight 492 lb
Volume 60 cft
Select Your Finish

COMBO FINISH: Available as Top/Base or Top/Disk/Pedestal combinations ONLY.
Note: If two Group A finishes are selected, use the Standard Combo price. If any of combined finishes is higher than Group A, use the Premium Combo price.
Note: If three finishes are selected, always use Premium Combo price.

Maximum extension 122" with two 22" aproned leaves



Contract GS-28F-012AA
  • SIN#: 71 204
  • SIN#: 711 11


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