New Traditional & Metro Luxe Collection

Many people in upper income brackets are downsizing: to luxury lofts, apartments, condos, and—the latest innovation in urban living— condo hotels. Some are empty nesters who no longer need all that room; some are young professionals with no time for a long commute; still others are city-lovers of all ages who like being within walking distance of restaurants, shops and clubs. And while such dwellings have far less space than mega-homes, the space they do have isn’t cheap.

Metro Luxe is international-scale furniture designed for cozy, yet elegant living spaces; it has the sleek styling, refined details and fresh finishes for which Century is known. New Traditional strikes the perfect chord between ‘classic’ and ‘chic.’ It has the comforting familiarity that we associate with traditional furniture, yet it also has a dash of élan that makes it relevant.

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